ABINA IS SHORT FOR; A Blessing In A …..

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ABINA means, “A Blessing In A…..” 

We purposely left the end open to allow a place for you to bless abandoned and at-risk children in Central and North America.


Thank you for your of generous contributions to the children through ABINA Orphan Project Ministries….

Your giving has played a vital role in preparing permanent family-style group homes for un-adopted children.

The first home ABINA helped Residence of Life re-model was located in Atenas, Costa Rica.  After the lease was up on this home, Residence of Life purchased a home in Grecia, Costa Rica.  This home is for children under the age of thirteen.  This year in Grecia, 2018, a second home was established for ten teen-age girls. 

There is always work to be done! 

We trust God’s Plan for their future is one to prosper them; to give them hope, love, and something no one can take from them, “the love of Jesus Christ.”

Thank you for helping provide relief for children who were removed from harmful environments and at risk of becoming victims of unthinkable criminal acts!

It is a blessing to know that the children now sleep comfortably in their beds, in a safe home and do not have to worry where their next meal will come from. They no longer have to wonder who will love and care for them.  Their new mom and excellent caregivers see to it that the children’s everyday care needs are met, that they attend school and church regularly and have good friends in the community.  

To God Be The Glory!

Believing that All Things Come From God and for His Purpose, we want to thank our donors and friends for your part in His Plan.

The need is great, and there are many more children in waiting for a home to call their own, and Lord Willing, our goal to help Cherie build 10 group homes will become a reality.  What’s needed most are prayers for financial support to purchase of land in which to build the homes on.

 Colette & Jeremy Bert


P.O.Box 294 – Deming, WA. 98244 – 360-220-7110


2013 THE CREW: a sample of what we do….JAKE JORDAN JERRYBEFORE: sidewalk beforeAFTER:sidewalk after ATENAS Home : THE ONE WASHER LOOKS LONELY!power to the peopleABINA ADDED A/C FOR FUTURE MACHINES!wired laundry new roof

WELCOME HOME NINOSLamb by Barbara Jorgensen (RIP) for matching children’s field trip tee-shirts project.

Cherie and ColetteCHERIE AND COLETTE here …Two heads are better than one, we think! 

In 2016 we are celebrating our 6th year of New Beginnings and Blessings …

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Celebrating 6 years of New Beginnings and Blessings!