Thank you for your interest in ABINA’S updates.

Can you believe it’s already May of 2018?

Our year started out fairly slow because of  the flu and walking pneumonia.  Now that the winter and the flu season have past, Spring is in full swing here on our farm in the Pacific Northwest.

My husband Jeremy and I are busy cleaning up the damage that winter’s wrath left behind.  The many hours of outdoor work helped strengthen our muscles and widdle-away some of my winter fluff!

The past couple of years have been a turbulent time for us. I had minor back surgery and Jeremy was diagnosed with cancer of the prostate called Gleason’s 9.  He had surgery and thanks be to God for His Healing Grace because today, Jeremy is cancer free.  This means  that our plans to sell the farm, and home of 23 years, is off the table. We realize that someday the work required to maintain 5 acres will be too much, but until then it is our, “Home Sweet Home,”

Jeremy’s new lease on life means that ABINA Ministries mission to help Costa Rica orphans WILL continue.  We are grateful to ALL who participate in helping ABINA serve Residence of Life (RdV) and for the comforts your donations have provided the two homes and 20 children.

With summer just around the corner,  we ask that you mark your calendars for July 28th @ high noon and come join us for excellent chili, ftiendship and fun.

ABINA invites you to bring your family, friends and kids to B.B.R’S annual old-fashioned Chili-Feed, Ice-Cream and Homemade Pie Party!

Last but not least, we are asking  for prayers for the orphanage founder, Cherie McCullah. As most of you know, she is an incredible mom and servant of God.  Cherie  is currently in treatment for her cancer, and we trust that God will heal her, just as He did my husband.  She is in good hands and the children are being well cared for by RdV’s in-home Christian caregivers.

Pray for the children’s hearts as they anxiously await their Mama’s return home. It truly does take a village to raise 20 children and we are not done yet!

We look forward to seeing y’all in July.  Please contact me @ abinaorphanproject@gmail.com for more information on the chili-feed.

Pura Vida and Vaya con Dios Amigos!  In Christ’s Service and with love,

J & C Bert/ABINA Ministries






One thought on “2018.5

  1. Thank you Colette , ABINA ‘s Founder, President and Webmaster. Thank you LORD for everything , It’s all Your’s and tp You be the Glory, AMEN…JWB


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