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Thank you for your interest in ABINA’S updates.

Since 2010, our donors have provided much needed home furnishings and appliances to the orphans’ homes at Residence of Life (RdV) in Grecia, Costa Rica…

2020 will be our 12th mission trip to serve the children in Grecia and Atenas, Costa Rica. Please join us and/or keep checking back for more!


To date, our donors have provided a dental fund for children’s braces, a microwave, an industrial sized fan for gymnasium, three freezers, five refrigerators consisting of … two industrial sized refrigerators, one apartment size, one office fridge, one domestic kitchen refrigerator, three heavy duty washing machines (2 with 10 year warranties) , an indoor ball and bike rack, a swing-set (gone missing😒), 20 custom made beds (10 bunks) with 20 mattresses, two sectional couches (2018 Mission) , plumbing materials, home maintenance (screen repairs) trampoline repairs, etc., donations of clothing, shoes, household goods, craft and party supplies, Christmas and birthday gifts, patronas for child sponsorship, everyday care needs for orphaned children and opportunities for volunteers to experience life changing    experiences through Tico culture, Spanish language practice and life through the eyes and hearts of children in need.


J & C Bert/ABINA Ministries

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  1. Thank you Colette , ABINA ‘s Founder, President and Webmaster. Thank you LORD for everything , It’s all Your’s and tp You be the Glory, AMEN…JWB

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