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Every nonprofit organization has unique challenges and opportunities. The first four years of our growth and changes, reflect the realities and decisions we have had to make.

We give thanks to God for allowing ABINA Orphan Project Ministries to to grow and become ABINA Ministries, Inc, a recognized non-profit 501(c) 3 public charity.  We are committed to His Great Commission and mission to be a conduit of  blessings for North Americans to provide for abandoned, orphaned, and UN-adopted children in Central America.

Thank you ALL for choosing to help ABINA’S volunteers bless the children at Residence of Life.

residence of life brochure

“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” James 1:27

Your cash donations, contributions, moral and personal support, prayers, time and participation in our annual fundraiser has provided a safe and loving environment for six children who are NO LONGER abandoned and abused~!

In one year’s time, Cherie McCullah has successfully managed her residence, her hired help, volunteers, and the demands of the health department.

The six children have adjusted to their routines with their new school, church, their community activities and friends.

Opportunities often come disguised as obstacles……

Last year, Residence of Life celebrated their first anniversary and second Christmas in the home you helped ABINA Ministries remodel. Unfortunately, this was to be their last Christmas in the home. The land-owner presented Cherie with a notice to vacate the property by April 1, 2014. The up-shot is that a new home will allow Residence of Life the change needed for growth. Although the rent will cost more than what she is paying now; we trust God will provide ALL that is needed.

What is required for Cherie to do next is move to a at least a four bedroom with three bathrooms home, on 1/4 acre of land in the Atenas, Costa Rica area. She is interested in a rent to own option, for a home that fulfills the 14 page health department rules and regulations. 

The Girl's Bunks x 3

The Girl’s Bunks x 3

Our 2014 mission was to dismantle and move all the ABINA funded furnishings, and home improvements to a new home.

Before we arrived in Atenas on March 11th, the home Cherie was planning to move to, fell through. Thankfully, her current home’s landowner will not be returning to Costa Rica on April 1st, which has allowed Residence of Life time to find a new home. 

In the meantime we, Jeremy and Colette, are on our ninth day of working to confront the termite infestation found in the children’s beds and kitchen cabinets.We have replaced the damaged and infested wood on all but one kitchen cabinets, sprayed to prevent more damage and sealed the new pieces to protect from further infestations. Tomorrow, we hope to be finished with this project!

One thoughtful donor provided ABINA enough money to sponsor a fun event for the children, This included lunch at the Cariari Mall, and an afternoon of swimming at our home away from home, The Adventure Inn. 

A real treat for the children and care-givers.

A real treat for the children and care-givers.

joes sunset

One of our simple pleasures after a hard days work; watching the sun go down…!


As always, our projects are on-site and are planned around a school break, either Christmas or Spring in order to accommodate students and families who are able to travel with us to Costa Rica. All willing hearts, strong backs and volunteers who are not afraid to get dirty are welcome to join us…

Washington State Mission…..

BBR’S  3rd Annual “Buck-$-Up for Orphans Chili Challenge”

 July 19, 2014

Mark your calendars! You have time to perfect your favorite chili recipe. We have added a new category for the “BEST SALSA.” ABINA’S funds are raised through our yearly fundraiser, USPS Mail and/or through our online PayPal link to be found @ https://abinaprojectministries.com/2013/03/21/donate-now-faq/ or   http://wp.me/p26AMe-ap

About the only thing we can not take with us....the children's hand prints will remain as a reminder of their new beginning.

About the only thing we can not take with us….the children’s hand prints will remain as a reminder of their new beginning.

We invite you to view our previous projects, subscribe to our blog, view our new mobile app, and contact us for more info.

Email: abinaorphanproject@gmail.com   / Web: http:www.abinaprojectministries.com / Mobile: http://m.abinaorphanproject.com

ABINA Ministries is a 501(c) 3 public charity created to be a conduit of blessings for abandoned, orphaned, and un-adopted children in Central and North America. Our mission is to provide occasional relief to children left without their first line of defense, their parents. ABINA Projects are funded by tax-deductible cash contributions from donors, with the help of volunteers who offer their time, skills labor, and prayers.   

ABINA MINISTRIES, INC – P.O BOX 294 – DEMING, WA 98244 – 360-220-7110

As you can see, we have our work cut out for us….



RESIDENCE OF LIFE'S KITCHEN BEFORE ABINA'S KITCHEN PROJECT.....One of our projects in 2014 is to remove everything ABINA installed and leave it as we found it.    DURING…..



Removed, Rebuilt, Retreated and Sealed Wood and Reinstalled...No more bugs, my lady!

As our 501(c)3 project guidelines require our charity to do, ABINA maintains our donor-funded  projects (furniture, etc) to assure ALL we offer will continue to benefit its recipients (children)…In this shelving unit’s case, all the termite infested wood was removed, the pantry shelves rebuilt, retreated and resealed. The area it is attached to was cleaned by RdV volunteers and the cabinet(s) reinstalled to be just like new! NO more bugs, my lady! May ABINA donors blessings continue to be “A Blessing In A New Beginning…” according to God’s Will, and to His Glory Forever!

Jesus goes to the heart for salvation,

the mind for renewal, and the body for purification.

"Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ." Galatians 6:2

“Carry each others burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.” Galatians 6:2

We are here for only a moment, visitors and strangers in the land as our ancestors were before us. Our days on earth are like a passing shadow, gone so soon without a trace. —1 Chronicles 29:15


Blessings come in all shapes and sizes. Prayer pillows, new sheets and mattress protectors were provided by ABINA donors for the refurbished children’s beds…

What will matter is not what you bought, but what you built. What will matter is not what you got, but what you gave. What will matter is not what you learned, but what you taught. It is not about your competence, but about your character. It is not about your success, but about your significance.

Sisters in Christ Jesus...

Sisters in Christ Jesus…

“For by grace you have been saved through faith;
and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God;
not as a result of works, that no one should boast.
For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works,
which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them” – Ephesians 2:8-10

ABINA 2010

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A Blessing In....Donations to fund the Orphan's Christmas Dinner, 200 pieces of chicken, a willing cook named Jeremy, and three hours time.

A Blessing In….Donations to fund the Orphan’s Christmas Dinner, 200 pieces of chicken, a willing cook named Jeremy, and three hours time.

As Paul said in Acts 20: 35, “ in all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said,” It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

ABINA Ministries is a 501(c)3 public charity,  created to offer occasional relief to orphaned, abandoned, at-risk and un-adopted children in Central and North America.

Tax delectable donations of cash, clothing, school uniforms and supplies, personal care and household  items are collected year round….ABINA volunteers travel to Costa Rica once a year to help the children’s caregivers with home repairs and building projects and deliver your offerings to the children,  personally.

All cash donations received, (less 10% for frugal administration costs), are applied to the upcoming building project(s), unless otherwise specified by the donor. 

The sum of funds collected are what ABINA’S Board of Directors uses to set the parameters of our work in Costa Rica, according to their immediate needs. Any funds left-over after a project, are applied to the next mission trip’s  project. Donations and contributions are never used for the personal gain of the caregivers in Costa Rica or expenses of Board Members or Volunteers.

All cash funds are used to buy building materials and the related expenses  for home repairs, upgrades, custom fit children’s furniture, outdoor playground equipment, and appliances to help the Tias properly care for the children. Some donors give to the Orphan’s Christmas fund with Walmart gift cards, an unwrapped child or caregivers gift,  and/or host a fun-event or field trip.


ABINA’S future goal is to help as many children as possible! We trust that the permanent family style home care solution that Residence of Life embraces is the best alternative to government institutionalized centers.

In a country with limited resources for foster care, the older un-adopted children may be assigned to live with a foster-type family or with a relative. Many of them run away and this is the  “gap” they fall into, and only perpetuates the rise of abuse, victims of crime and exploitation.

abina RUN A WAY

This is why ABINA Ministries is committed to working with missionaries in Costa Rica who have dedicated their lives to saving one child at a time.


Keeping children out of the hands of those who do not have their best interest in mind, is essential. Building more permanent family homes, is urgent.

In this photo, the children are enjoying a healthy lunch, together, on their covered front porch. 


In January of 2013, the National Children’s Hospital of San Jose reported that child-abuse has risen to epidemic proportions (up 600%) in the past decade.Sadly, they predict that the percentage is even higher,  noting the unreported cases of trauma and injuries that go untreated.

Our hope and prayer is for people to get involved, and to help ABINA provide relief for children in jeopardy of “falling through the cracks.”

Our long-term goal in Costa Rica is to help the founder of Residence of Life build ten safe and nurturing homes for at-risk, abandoned and orphamed children, one home at a time.


ABINA’S next MISSION TRIP will be in November 2017…

Volunteers are needed to travel and work on-site to help build tables, benches and more!

Volunteers should speak conversational Spanish to experience and interact with the “Tico” children, care givers and culture. 

A cost estimate, reference’s and help in preparing for your mission trip to Grecia, Costa Rica is available!

Two founders finally meet! Cherie (Residence of Life) & Colette (ABINA) 2010

Two founders finally meet! Cherie (Residence of Life) & Colette (ABINA) 2010

Please send inquiries to:


ABINA’S on-line credit-card donation link is:


For all mailings:


(checks, money orders made out to ABINA Ministries)

P.O.Box 294

Deming, WA. 98244

message phone: 360-220-7110

THANK YOU for all of your support, prayers and  donations. Bless you for demonstrating the Love of Jesus Christ to the children and caregivers who’s prayers you have answered. 

For God is not unrighteous to forget or overlook your labor and the love which you have shown for His name's sake in ministering to the needs of the saints (His own consecrated people), as you still do. Hebrews 6: 10

For God is not unrighteous to forget or overlook your labor and the love which you have shown for His name’s sake in ministering to the needs of the saints (His own consecrated people), as you still do. Hebrews 6: 10

A Blessing in a Boot, provided 40 children with rain boots, pajamas, and sweet treats for Christmas in 2010….

orphans blue boot girls one boy

Joe leading the game,

Joe leading the game, “Snake!”

First set of ABINA

First set of ABINA “Lamb-Jams.”

The Girl's Bunks x 3

The Girl’s Bunks x 3

Our work continues to help RdV expand, 10 children per home. Join us if you can…Many hands make light work!

ABINA Ministries UPDATE!

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Donate Now for ABINA’S 2020 Mission!

girls on swings

Your DONATION can to be applied to;

  • The General Fund (where needed most) OR….
  • Orphanage Appliance and Furnishings
  • Children’s Clothing and Shoe Fund
  • Children’s Dental and Medical Fund
  • Orphans Annual Pool Party or Field Trip Event
  •  Directors, Tias and Orphan Christmas Fund



December 2012, the children settled into the new *100-year-old* home that many volunteers and donors helped modify…

They attend a new school and have adjusted to being a family of six well….

The children have a mom, Tia care-givers and many friends who help out …

July 2013 Residence of Life received news that they would have to move from the home. The land-owners (who live in Australia) will be returning to live in Costa Rica in 2 years and 8 months. 

Founder of Residence of Life, Cherie McCullah needs help finding land and building a “permanent” home, immediately.

Although she has 32 months before the move,  the need to begin building is urgent.  It took a little over two years to modify this home and  get approval from the Health and Child Protection Agencies.

The equipment, furniture and upgrades that our donors invested in will be moved to the new home.

Please pray and give as you are able. We do not want to see this new family have to rent again. 

We do not want them to become homeless, or have to share a home with someone.

The consequences of not providing homes for abandoned children means that the kids will end up stuck in the system with little chance of being adopted. 

Residence of Life is the only permanent home they have had in their life.

ABINA is committed to helping with the needs of abandoned, orphaned, abused and underprivileged children in Central America. 

The most urgent need is to help Cherie raise the funds for a new and larger piece of property in Atenas.


When Residence of Life vacates the current property, ABINA will help in removing the cabinetry our donors and volunteers built, leaving the home to look just as it did when we began in 2010.




The Girl's Bunks x 3

The Girl’s Bunks x !


The children’s beds, benches, swings, & laundry stay with the children.



Mail-In Donations; should be sent directly to ABINA Ministries, Inc. and mail to:

ABINA Ministries – P.O.Box 294 – Deming, WA. 98244


residence of life brochure


  • ABINA is recognized as an Independent Nonprofit Charitable Corporation in Washington State, as of November 2012.
  • The organizations tax exemption allows ABINA to receive tax-deductible donations from the public and in turn, give our donors a tax-deductible receipt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. 
  • The organization’s board of seven has a total of three officers, and four directors, with five voting on the board’s decisions, and meets three times per year. ABINA has “NO” paid officers.
  • We raise funds annually with a by invitation fundraiser.
  • The donations ABINA Ministries receives are what determines the scope of our next mission’s project.
  • All of the funds received through donations, are used for the direct expenses and associated costs of the projects and activities for the orphans. ABINA DONORS can choose where their donation applies. 10% is used for ABINA’S office, domain and web-site expenses.
  • The funds are NEVER used for volunteer’s personal expenses, volunteer loans or grants, as outlined on the BYLAWS. Volunteers are responsible to raise their own funds for their mission trip.
  • ABINA Ministries income and expenditure statements are filed with the State of Washington and the IRS annually.


ABINA IS SHORT FOR; A Blessing In A …..

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ABINA means, “A Blessing In A…..” 

We purposely left the end open to allow a place for you to bless abandoned and at-risk children in Central and North America.


Thank you for your of generous contributions to the children through ABINA Orphan Project Ministries….

Your giving has played a vital role in preparing permanent family-style group homes for un-adopted children.

The first home ABINA helped Residence of Life re-model was located in Atenas, Costa Rica.  After the lease was up on this home, Residence of Life purchased a home in Grecia, Costa Rica.  This home is for children under the age of thirteen.  This year in Grecia, 2018, a second home was established for ten teen-age girls. 

There is always work to be done! 

We trust God’s Plan for their future is one to prosper them; to give them hope, love, and something no one can take from them, “the love of Jesus Christ.”

Thank you for helping provide relief for children who were removed from harmful environments and at risk of becoming victims of unthinkable criminal acts!

It is a blessing to know that the children now sleep comfortably in their beds, in a safe home and do not have to worry where their next meal will come from. They no longer have to wonder who will love and care for them.  Their new mom and excellent caregivers see to it that the children’s everyday care needs are met, that they attend school and church regularly and have good friends in the community.  

To God Be The Glory!

Believing that All Things Come From God and for His Purpose, we want to thank our donors and friends for your part in His Plan.

The need is great, and there are many more children in waiting for a home to call their own, and Lord Willing, our goal to help Cherie build 10 group homes will become a reality.  What’s needed most are prayers for financial support to purchase of land in which to build the homes on.

 Colette & Jeremy Bert


P.O.Box 294 – Deming, WA. 98244 – 360-220-7110


2013 THE CREW: a sample of what we do….JAKE JORDAN JERRYBEFORE: sidewalk beforeAFTER:sidewalk after ATENAS Home : THE ONE WASHER LOOKS LONELY!power to the peopleABINA ADDED A/C FOR FUTURE MACHINES!wired laundry new roof

WELCOME HOME NINOSLamb by Barbara Jorgensen (RIP) for matching children’s field trip tee-shirts project.

Cherie and ColetteCHERIE AND COLETTE here …Two heads are better than one, we think! 

In 2016 we are celebrating our 6th year of New Beginnings and Blessings …

CHECK OUT OUR recent updates, click on the link below….

Celebrating 6 years of New Beginnings and Blessings!


Time ….. going mobile!

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“It is important for believers’ to know how God wants us to serve Him. 
It’s equally important to not waste any opportunity to serve Him and His body.”
Oswald Chambers / Serving Him
THEIR NEED IS URGENT, AND THE TIME IS NOW! ABINA Ministries (501(c)3 charitable org) is helping to raise funds to move the children to a new location, nearby their current residence. By purchasing this home, the children will not be subject to the landowners demands. If you can help, please send your contributions, asap. Thank you for your prayers to help ABINA volunteers move the equipment and furniture our donors have contributed. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

What We Do….

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And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him.” Col.3:17

In Spanish, “Aplastado” is a descriptive and powerful word  that means “crushed.”  Colette heard this word for the first time while vacationing in San Jose.  The word was used in reference to the battered, neglected, and abused children being sent to Christian orphanages throughout Costa Rica.

Passing by an orphanage on the out-skirts of town, The Bert family felt called to bring the orphans a gift, to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

It was Christmas Eve, 2007.

They found a market still open, and bought candy and passed the three very large bags through a locked gate.

The Nun said their gifts were an answer to prayer.

The Bert family returned to their home church in Washington State, and asked ,through prayer, for the Lord to help them reach out to the orphans.  

Colette researched Christian orphanages and found one caring for 35 children in the Central Valley. They delivered 100 lbs of children’s clothing and spent a few hours with the children and Tias. 

In Spanish, Jeremy shared his testimony of how, the Lord saved him from a devastating car accident in 1982.

While saying good-bye, and driving away….

On our last day in Costa Rica, one of the children slipped this note into my purse.

On our last day in Costa Rica, one of the children slipped this note into my purse.

Colette saw a group of children walking to school along the bumpy, muddy road.

They were dressed in matching school uniforms and flip-flop sandals, which is typical for most tropical countries.  After seeing a child’s shoe get stuck in the mud, Colette felt the Lord’s “nudge” of assurance, that she and her family would come back someday, and next time with rain boots! .


Back home, the Lord continued to nudge Colette’s heart to continue ministering to the poor. She and a few volunteers began feeding the homeless living under the bridge.

This was a growing time, as they had a chance to live what Jesus meant for us to…

As Jesus said himself in Acts 20: 35, “ in all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

One Sunday, a woman referred to a sack lunch handed her as “A Blessing in A Bag….,” and this is how the name for our outreach ministry was chosen.  

The following week was our last Sunday with the group. They were asked to move on, and so did ABINA Projects.

Colette was approached by some East County folks with an idea for outreach to provide healthy foods, for a fraction of the cost, to low income families. They asked if they could use the centrally located church as a pick-up point for the delivery, and the Pastor said they could.  It seemed like an answer to prayer, but after reading the fine-print, we realized it would not benefit our church, ministry or mission. In fact, a stipulation for the approved application was that they needed a credit card, to guarantee the monthly deliveries. This wasn’t possible, we had no choice than to stop it, and change direction. The east county folks understood, and all of Colette’s hard work provided those involved, a lesson in being good stewards.  Knowing what to reject, is as important as knowing when to accept, and discretion should be used with every opportunity to serve.

Changing direction, ABINA’S mission was redefined with International Outreach. and ABINA Projects, answered the call to provide relief for under-privileged children in Atenas, Costa Rica.

In 2010, plans were made for the Bert’s third trip to Costa Rica; this time for three months!

The ABINA fund-raiser, “A Blessing In A Boot,” began in the U.S.A with the collection of 40 pair of non-specific sized children’s rain-boots.  The Bert Family and Three-Trees Coffee House in Bellingham, WA, hosted the event, and served refreshments while friend’s of ABINA Ministries played guitar.

The donations included extras, like socks, candy, personal  hygiene items, gifts for the caregivers, cash to buy the orphan’s Christmas dinner,  and ABINA’s building projects.

Jeremy accepted a challenge to shave off his beard for $1000.00!

Three gringos, 40 pair of rain boots and one very large Chihuahua….

“It’s through giving that we truly receive!”

One “healing” orphan gave me his ball after I gave him a gingerbread man sticker. Bless his heart!

The boots were passed out on Christmas day and every child received a pair with goodies.

The orphan’s dinner consisted of, 200 pieces of b.b.q-chicken, salad, bread, beans, rice, pop, chips, and two pinatas stuffed  with candy.

It took three hours to bbq the chicken, and an extra pair of hands and tongs to help turn.

The Tias loved Jeremy’s special sauce!


volunteers arrived just in time for the children’s games.

Joe leading the game, “Snake!”




The gutted 100 year old kitchen BEFORE ABINA Kitchen PROJECT


A Blessing In A Bed PROJECT included the kitchen cabinets. We worked for 2 months, while living in Costa Rica for 3. The three of us, Jeremy, Colette and Jacob attended Spanish Academy for 1 month, while Jacob worked at a home for the elderly to gain experience in his Medical Spanish course through CRLA…….

Many hands make light work!

In December of 2012, ABINA Ministries delivered donations of clothing, shoes, and Christmas gifts to the children at Residence of Life.

ABINA’S Building Project 2012,

ABINA Residence Laundry

“A Blessing In A BIG SWING-SET” 

MARCH 2012,  ABINA Projects built an industrial sized SWING-SET with 3 strap swings….

Swing-set with a view

“A BLESSING IN A Bodega”……

designated laundry

DECEMBER 2012, ABINA Building Project “BODEGA.”

ABINA donations funded a new swing-set, water pipes, side-walk, lighting and electricity to new the home’s laundry Bodega…..

power box

power to the people



sidewalk before

        It took 46 bags of cement for this project!sidewalk after

drain cap

a new sidewalk and drain w/water extension to Bodega

contrast between before and after cement barrier for bugs

widened sidewalk

Jeremy with new electric wiring in the kitchen & out to the Bodega….


The children enjoyed our donor sponsored girl’s tea party, boys outdoor activity, swim party and dinner after church.

residence of life brochure

girls on swings 

The children are still wearing the matching shirts you purchased for them in 2011…

Baby Izzy modeling ABINA’S Lamb Jams…

In 2011, along with our building project, ABINA donors supplied 35 orphans at Hogar de Vida and Residence of Life with a new tee-shirts and pajamas.  

ABINA volunteer and artist, Barbara Jorgensen created the lamb design and a Bible verse written in Spanish, just for the orphans in Costa Rica. The verse is John 10:27-29, “My sheep hear my voice and I know them.”

Our next ABINA’S  project  is for Residence of Life; a permanent home for non-adoptable orphans. 

Contributions for this project are ongoing…

We will return in December 2013 to make repairs to the home’s kitchen, bathrooms and laundry upgrades and more!

“For God is not unrighteous to forget or overlook your labor and the love which you have shown for His name’s sake in ministering to the needs of the saints (His own consecrated people), as you still do.” Hebrews 6: 10

Soul Sisters…..

A time for work, a time to play….Like the “Sour Patch Kids” Contest….

lining up to try the sugar

The children took a break for lunch with the volunteers who tested to see which child could take a spoon full of sweet-n-sour sugar without puckering their face. 

Jake and Jordan with the kids


Christmas presents is something our donors give each year….




Your donations and volunteerism is also providing the children something no one can ever take from them….

The love of Jesus Christ.


Jeremy & Colette

Jeremy & Colette

 Thank you for your generosity!

  • Pray for ABINA’S 2013 Mission!  We remain committed to building homes for abused, abandoned, orphaned and at-risk children considered un-adoptable.
    Costa Rica’s child abuse epidemic is a side of, “Paradise,” that many tourists do not see. The epidemic was reported in January 2013, by the National Children’s Hospital in San Jose, Costa Rica. The records show the increase of child-abuse has increased the number of victims seen in the hospital (up 600 %) since 2007.  (2015 update on child abuse statistics; see below)
  • http://www.ticotimes.net/Current-Edition/Top-Story/News/Child-abuse-an-epidemic-in-Costa-Rica_Friday-May-06-2011

  • The Public Policy for Children’s Rights IS encouraging. However, if you read the articles, it does not go into place until 2021. The report was written in 2009. These are the children, who are in the most vulnerable situations, that need our help, NOW!
  •  The need for awareness and children’s homes is urgent.

December 2012, In  Costa Rica,  the total of 2,296 calls reported to 911, 1,550 were for domestic violence, 20 were cases of sexual abuse and 4 cases involved sexual abuse with injuries. 288 of the calls were to report psychological abuse against a child.


UPDATE 2014-2015

Hospital officials reported that in the last three years 1,700 minors were injured due to negligence by adults. Of those, 578 cases occurred this year. Injuries included burns, poisoning, suffocation and trauma from sharp objects.

So far in 2014, the San José based hospital has attended to seven suspected cases of child abuse per day, up from four cases per day last year, according to the hospital’s director of social services, Ana Virginia Quesada. According to statistics from that office, between 2006-2014 more than 20,000 minors were treated for some type of suspected abuse.

“One of the aspects that concerns us most is that the aggression we’re seeing is becoming increasingly more violent,” Quesada said.

The need for awareness is now!!! National Children’s Hospital Director Orlando Urroz called the figures alarming and said the situation has forced officials to review a strategic plan for 2015. They also will seek support from other government agencies.

Urroz said the first step will be to launch an awareness campaign in mass media aimed at providing families with preventive information. Officials also will seek the collaboration of church leaders and social groups to help detect cases of abuse in their communities.

The hospital will closely monitor abuse cases, issue quarterly reports and increase staff training regarding protocols for these cases, he said.

Number of child abuse cases in Costa Rica reaches 5-year high



“Many things can wait. The children, NO!  Now their bones are forming, their blood is producing and their feelings are developing. To them we cannot say tomorrow.  
Their name is today!

(Quoting Chilean poet and activist Gabriela Mistral)


JOIN IN, grab whatever blessings God has provided you to share,  and witness God changing lives, one child, one family, and one home at a time!

Leading by example, with individual acts of compassion, sacrifice, suffering, and through service to others, especially to the un-adoptable orphans in Costa Rica,
 is what God requires us to do.
As founders of ABINA, this is what our ministry
strives to do; and we do it ALL for the Glory of God.

God Bless You ,

Colette and Jeremy Bert

Our sponsor child....

Our sponsor child….

ABINA Ministries Inc., is formed and organized exclusively for charitable purposes under Section 501© (3) of the Internal Revenue Code…serving the poor and underprivileged children in North and Central America.