~Mission #17~ABINA @ SHARIA’S 3rd Location in North San Diego..

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Thank you for helping make a positive impact with your generous contributions and donated items. We were able to deliver a suitcase full of newer clothing to Sharia’s Closet #1 on June 30th. Three cases of each diaper size 5, 6 & 7 and wipes have been delivered in July, August, and September 2022.

Summer of 2022~

Because of you we are celebrating in joy and thanksgiving, all of God’s amazing work thorough ABINA Ministries with Sharia’s Closet….

On July 2nd I was able to attend Sharia’s Closet expansion (3rd location) in San Marcos, California; North San Diego.

Sharia’s Closet has 3 locations. The first Closet is in El Cajon. The second Closet
is located on Broadway in downtown San Diego. The third Closet is located inside the Justice Center in San Marcos, California.

If you are in San Diego and would like to donate to, help or talk to Sharia’s Closets, I will be happy to introduce you to the founder, Shamine Linton.

If you would like to help ABINA Ministries, https://www.paypal.me/ABINAMinistriesm

please contact me at abinaorphanproject@gmail.com….
Prayers are always welcome!

ABINA’S Board members are currently working on our 12th Annual, “Costa Rica’s Orphan Christmas”… Stay tuned for more on how you can bring hope and light to the 25 children who call Residencia De Vida their home.


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