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COMPASSION MEANS ACTION! Building safe and permanent homes for orphans is not only an opportunity to give back, but a chance to work as we are instructed to do in James 1:27.  ABINA Ministries shares the vision of Residence of Life’s founder, Cherie McCullah. Our donors support the initiative to build 10 permanent family style homes for 100 orphaned children in Grecia, Costa Rica, the land of their birth and Tico culture.

ABINA MINISTRIES was created in 2010 to offer occasional relief for abandoned, orphaned, un-adopted and at-risk children in North & Central America.

Our goal for 2014/15 is to supply,

Residence of Life (aka:RdV)

with new appliances.

ABINA donors’ provided the home with a much needed freezer in the Spring of 2014 and an industrial sized fridge in January 2015. 

Our current fundraiser is to raise funds for the purchase an industrial sized washing machine and ….

  • more bunk-beds,
  • closet shelves for the children’s personal items and clothes
  • kitchen cabinets and a new kitchen table
  • 20 school uniforms (approx. $50.00 per child) OR….
  • Navy dress pants and white short-sleeve dress-shirts for boys & girls
  • Black leather dress shoes (or leather look) for boys and girls
  • Navy and white socks for boys and girls

Anyone interesting in sponsoring an orphan on their Birthday &/or Christmas, please let us know your preference…boy or girl and we’ll give you a list of their most needed items.

Join us in July for our yearly fundraiser and Chili-Challenge at BBR!

School Uniforms

Typical School Uniforms…Each child needs 2~

school uniforms

To make a secure on-line donation using Pay Pal, our address is:

Money Orders, Cashiers or Personal Checks Mail to:

ABINA Ministries, Inc

P.O.Box 294

Deming, WA. 98244



email address:

Donors .. Thank you for your support!

You are welcome to donate to a particular project or mark your donation, “Where needed most.” Be sure to include your return address for a tax-detectable receipt.


If you will be vacationing in Costa Rica, pre-authorized visits to the orphanage are possible….email us for more info..

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